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so i am about to send out all of my yellow letters. about 50 of the currently and i will send 50 every week.

when they call me what do i say?

when i no nothing about their property when they call, how much do i find out by the end of the phone call?

should i let it go to voicemail first?

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Personally, I have a voicemail answering service (such as Freedom Voice), asking them to leave details about the property.

I would recommend reading the BP/JScott guiding to flipping. One of J's chapters has details on what you're looking for.


Go up to the Resources tab and then click on FilePlace. Once in there go to Other Documents and then scroll down. You will see some seller information sheets to download.

You can also go to @Michael Q. site yellowletters.com and at the top click on sellers scripts.

You can either let it go to voice mail in hopes that they leave the property address so you can look it up before you call them back, or answer the phone and find out some basic information to start with:

1. What is the property address

2. Is the property for sale

3. General description of the property (style, condition, repairs/updates needed)

4. What is the situation (is it a rental, owner occupied, inherited, ect)

5. What are their current price expectations

If you get all of this information you will be on your way to putting together a deal.....good luck.

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