Wholesaling Real Estate: Finding Cash Buyers?

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Hello everyone,

I'm sure this question has had a lot of investors puzzled at one time or another. I can certainly tell you that it has me scratching my head, leaving a giant question mark hovering over me jeje. It's the million dollar question that i'm sure most investors had when they first starting wholesaling ...

How do you go about finding Cash buyers? I could really use some advise

-Thanks in advance :)

This was a tough concept to swallow when I first started. The Idea that someone actually has $100,000 lying around in there bank account while mines is negative and that they would actually want to take that money and buy something that I have. As I got deals and marketed them I was suprised of how many people had access to cash. Here is what I can tell you, find the deal and market it throught the buyers will appear out of no wear and that is how you build a list of cash buyers. From those who respond and make offers on your deals.

The first deal I marketed I got 5 offers and one of the lowest I denied was from an older investor who turned around and asked me,"since you don't want my money and you have the deal what would you do with it if I give you the money?" this was very unexpected and I gained a private lender from it.(I wish I still had his info it was on an offer he faxed to me that I through away)

@Zaid R.

Thank you i appreciate your reply... i'll be sure to follow with that link, thanks for the advice

@Manny Cirino

It is an interesting concept knowing that their are people out there with an abundance of money ready to invest. Thanks manny, great advise.

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