Help with translation

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I am a newbie and I recently joined a meetup recommended by BP members. This message was sent to me by a group member (I took out their phone number for privacy) but when I replied back, they didn't respond. I asked what they meant by 50/50 but never heard back. Can anyone help me with the translation on this? Wholesaling is new to me and I think I understand but would appreciate some more experienced feedback.

Thanks! The message is below...

I have a deal in olney area 19120. looking partner for 50/50 who can get the property under contract cos I am not in philly. ARV $70.000 ASKING PRICE $25,000 CALL

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Thank you so much for the feedback. I was feeling cautious about how it was sent and why they chose me. I know I listed that I'm new to this in my bio. Hopefully I will get a better opportunity like this soon.