Investor-Friendly Title company in South Jersey

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I'm looking to begin wholesaling, and I'd like to have one or more title companies on-hand that I can close my deals through in southern NJ.  Any recommendations?

Get in touch with Chicago Title They cover the USA and have 6 offices in NJ. They also have settlement services if needed. 201-396-8097

Hi @BenjaminEllis:

I've been going to the South Jersey REIA meetings. Here are two local title companies that are investor friendly:

1.  South Jersey Settlement Agency 856-690-1121

2.  iAbstract & Title Agency 856-546-0084

Much success on your wholesaling business!!

@Greg Wake  ,

I aplaud this post. There has been huge consolidation in this industry in NJ. I would suggest shopping title insurance companies. Most avg. newbies "settle" on whom the attorney or R/E agent recomends. Huge mistake! I save a bundle using one in central NJ (withholding name at this moment). Some fees in title are regulatory and all the same across the board between the title companies others are not. (I have observed this by experience and investigating the titile Ins industry). Just like car insurance you will find varying prices along with different levels of service. I would suggest calling as many as you can to learn the lingo and you will then learn the "right" questions to ask. If a agency has bad marks and many claims against it they are charged a higher rate by Title insurance companies which is passed on to you. If they are legit and stay away from bad attorneys you can fair with a lower fee.  Lastly, If you do many deals with the same firm quite often you get lower rates and more importantly better service. All the best...

Try going direct to an underwriter such as Chicago Title , Fidelity Title or Commonwealth Title. A Title agency is like a middleman that sends each transaction to an underwriter that issues a policy. By starting a relationship with an underwriter its going direct.

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