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Does anyone know of a great coach that you recommend. I know the basics of wholesaling but really need a coach to get over that first hump. Any help would be appreciated.

Well most coaches charge for their services so if your willing to fork over some money for your education you might have a hard time getting a real coach.  Some people are against hiring coaches and some are for it.  All that matters is what you think and if you can get a few good suggestions then go for it.  I would only do coaching if you can actually meet with them in person.  Dont do any of those programs where you get a 30 minute call once a week for 8 weeks to the tune of $5,000.  

I definitely don't intend to pay that kind of money for that type of service. Just looking for something reasonable where they can assist me from point a to b.

I personally think you should do adequate amounts of self study before jumping into a coaching situation. Maybe you have already done so? Unfortunately there is no quick fix and coaches are sometimes perceived as an easy way to get in the game. You will get more out of a coach if you have dabbled some on your own. At the very least have done some basic marketing techniques and made offers. If you are not comfortable enough yet to be making offers, hold on the coach.

I'm a big Legrand fan and recommend looking up his materials. Lots of good stuff on YouTube and other places on the web.

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