Newbie Wholesaler has question regarding title search

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Hello BP family!

Just last week, I purchased a list of absentee owners from List Source and started mailing out yellow letters.

Today, I heard back from a seller and I am scheduled to go out tomorrow to look at the house (YAY.  SMALL WINS).

I have a question regarding the title search.  Should I get this property under contract, can someone tell me who would do the title search?  Would I do the title search or should I have the seller or my end-buyer do the title search?

If the end-buyer does the title search, what happens if the title doesn't come back clean?

Any guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated!  

You will want to get the title search done prior to getting it under contract.  You'll want to verify you're dealing with the owner and that their are no liens/judgments/taxes/etc attached to the property.  

You can do this research yourself.  The records are all public record but your end buyer will most likely want a report from a certified title examiner (and 3rd party) for their own security.


Thank you for your advice!  David, could you guide me as to where precisely I could look for these public records? (which websites, or which office in my county could I go to to access these records)  Any detailed guidance you could give me would be really appreciated.  

Thank you,


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