Title companies in Richmond, VA

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Hello BP family,

Could someone recommend a wholesaler friendly title company here in Richmond, VA?

I would greatly appreciate your help!

Thank you,


Hi Haider,

Try Apex Title, Heritage Title Virginia, and/or Safe Harbor Title. Ms Linda at Apex is awesome and very knowledgable. Good Luck!

Apex or Title Alliance of VA. Also recommend Lindsey at S. Page Allen & Associates in Midlothian.


My wife and I are interested in investment properties, "multifamily" and we are seeking properties to look at and/or a mentor. I'm currently in the military but will be retiring in a couple of years. My goal is to own a few properties before getting out. I'm available for a showing today here in VA if anyone has the time.

Thank you

@Haider Zaman In Virginia you may or may not know that you have choice in whether to use a tile company or attorney. You want to use one or the other depending on the deal. The two main differentiators are the cost, and what you get for their services. This is a VERY short synopsis here. A title company is cheaper and they have an attorney on retainer to make sure everything is done legally but if anything needs to be researched or a legal issue comes up it is my experience it is better to have an attorney in those situations. We have used both title companies and attorneys though. If you are looking at title companies @Daniel Harnsberger gave you good advice. Tiffani at Title Alliance is great to work with. As far as attorney's one of the best we have seen is E Sean Tluchak. Message me if you need their info. 

All the best,


does anyone know of any Investor friendly Title companies in Pittsburgh Pa?

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