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I have been getting a list of absentee owned homes from listsource. Total results I get in my area is close to 10,000. I am not able to buy that many names or mail that many so I only bought 300. My thoughts was to mail those names every 30 days a total of 3 mailings and then buy a new list. My question is when I buy that new list how do I avoid getting the same list that I mailed previously or does it matter? Listsource will only keep my list for so long before they delete it and then I cant suppress those names from new list.

Find out how long your list will stay in their system and then adjust your new list purchase so you dont get the same leads.  

Find a filter criteria that you can track now and in future. 

For instance, by zip code. Just learn how to break the code.

You can go to the USPS website and look at maps and plan your mailing better. Each regional post office serves the first three digits of the code. My biz zip code 92822 is served by the Anaheim Hills, CA regional post office, which is 928XX. 

I could begin by filtering for 92801 subject property zips to get my 300. If deficient, I can run a sort range of 92801 - 92899 or similar zips to get the first group of records. 

Zip codes are wonderful things for mailers. I used to think they were for bureaucratic crazies. When you learn how to make money by targeting your marketing, your perspective changes and you begin to appreciate the mail czars. 

I thought about using zip codes for this purpose, but there are very few zips where I market. There are maybe 8 for the 2 cities Im working in and since Im doing such a small mailing even if I mailed to just one zip I would have well over my 300 letters. This would still create the problem of possibly re-buying the same list. Are there any other factors I could use or another way make sure I dont re-buy some of the same leads?

Filter even more than do ZIP CODE with EQUITY 80%-100% then do ZIP CODE with EQUITY 60%-80%..

i wish I could filter by equity but I am in Louisiana and when I try that I get zero results. Louisiana is a non disclosure state and it is my understanding that a lot of information like that is not available here.

@Allen Ayres   if you can't filter by equity go ahead and filter by the number of years the property has been owned.  I like to do greater than 10 years.  Hope this helps.

Another helpful resource for your direct mail campaign can be found here.

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