Assignments and Double Escrows

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Does anyone know a title agency in the Charlotte, NC area that will do a double escrow or an assignment? I am just starting out with wholesaling properties and I am trying to make sure I already have a title agency lined up when it is time to get either one done.

Here's a few way's. Call bandit signs/wholesalers and ask them who they use. Google and call every single title company in your state. Mine actually has his office out of my state but closes in multiple areas of my state. Just make sure you explain it properly. I gaurantee 98% will not understand or want to help you. Just keep calling and don't stop till someone helps you.

Hey Tamara, we are in Charlotte also. Anne Cooley at 704-717-9483 is an attorney we use for most anything we do. We have a closing on a lot we are selling with her next week Dale Fussell is also lawyer everyone in investing uses, especially for creative things. His number is 704-365-6515. We are working on a wholesale deal, 8 props with a double closing on each with the buyers money and he will even run with that. Now I just hope the buyer comes through. There are a couple REIA here in Charlotte, we belong to Metrolina and it rocks.

Thanks Nathan and Jack

I've not used him personally (yet), but I keep hearing about Dale Fussell also.

Yea, I have heard about him on another forum. They also said he was pretty good.

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