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I've heard from some Pensacola investors that they stay away from the 32505 zip code.  Anyone in the Pensacola have feedback on this suggestion, agree/disagree?

Thanks in advance. 

@jay helms

Haven't heard that, but I haven't been in the game that long either. I'd be interested in hearing some rationale for the argument. That zip basically spans the entire N-S western center of the town.  Within that zip you'll find historic, golf course, lake front, low-income, high-density, and even some areas of suburban sprawl.  My point: you'll find a bit of everything in there. 

Seems a bit of a broad-brush approach to write off the entire zip code, especially when you can't put easily categorize the types of homes in the area. 

Brownsville, Oakcrest, Mayfair, Montclair: perfect if you're buying for section 8 rentals.  If you're buying to flip, buy at tax deed auctions/foreclosures for $5-15k.  Retail for these subdivisions has remained at the bottom since the crash at the $25k range.  Section 8 is the only reason to buy there IMHO.  Crescent/Marcus Lakes can occasionally have some flip potential, but I'm bearish on Crescent since the recent nationally reported/freak/Moses flood we had.  

I was robbed at gunpoint in Mayfair. I'll be staying away from that area :-)


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