Small town wholesaling

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I live in a military town of about 100,000 ppl and I am finding it a lil difficult to wholesale. I had a good response on my DMs but they were not very motivated. I spoke to some investors in the area and they don't work with any wholesalers ( I don't think they are any). One told me there were a few guys that tried it in the past but gave up. I am kinda getting discourage TBH. I haven't been doing it long and I do not want to quit. I am now looking at expired and REOs. Am I giving up too soon? Should I look at something else ( I would like to do L/Os but I don't know the legal lingo or have the right contracts)

Any advice would help!

I live in a town of 80k and I have had a banner year wholesaling. It took me a couple of years to get to this point. Nothing is easy. Just don't give up. I made 25k in one month wholesaling. You can do it. 

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