Probates HELP!!! *Calling all Probate Experts*

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Calling all probates experts! A newbie is in dire need of guidance!

I recently acquired a list of few probate leads and now the question is how do I approach them?

My first question would be.. Should I reach the heirs or the executor/administrator?

Secondly, should I start off with a yellow letter campaign or be bold enough (*gulp*) to actually call?

Lastly, do i acknowledge the passing of their relative or not mention it?

Any advice or guidance you all can provide would be REALLY helpful!

Thank you for reading my post and your time.


Sounds like you've got a tiger by the tail, in your estimation. 

Send out one letter. Just one to lose your mailing virginity. 

Find one case, track down the PR and call them. Ask them, 'what they want to see happen?'

Do you have any idea what you're looking for? What is it that you want? Would you be able to spot the difference between an opportunity and an unmotivated seller? Do you know what they need to provide to pass marketable title?  

Hello Haider..

I will try and help....  @Sharon Vornholt  and @Rick Harmon... Anyone connected to Rick who can ping him to chime in?

lol  Thanks Rick..

Thanks for calling the calvary @Michael. lol. @Rick, as for your questions. Yes, I do have an idea of what would be a good deal (60-65% ARV - (expenses + assignment fee) = Offer.

With regards to a marketable title, i must admit. You got me! I don't know.. however, I would appreciate any advice you can provide.

Thank you,


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