Property to Sale in Bryan, TX - looking for tips

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Hello everyone, I just got a property under contract today and was looking for tips on the best way to market it to buyers.  (I do understand that this is not the place to actually list it for sale.) 

I'm new to the actual "investing" side of this, though, and was looking for any tips and help on how to put this property out there for investors to see.  Is craigslist a decent place?  Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


Network, network, network.  Go to REIAs and local Meetup groups. Many investor groups offer an opportunity to pitch your deals. I like to stop at renovations and talk to the rehabber. I will either get a contact of a buyer or a contractor both can be valuable contacts. Talk to local wholesalers, many will be happy to help sell you deal for a split.  (caution many wholesalers are newbies who have no better buyers  list that you) 

You can actually take it to auction your self. but going to auctions is a good place to find cash buyers that can close quickly.

How fast are you looking to sale?  Craiglist is a good place.  Have you contacted a local real estate agent that might know of investors in your area?  

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