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Hello, My name is William McGuire and I am new to BiggerPockets. I am also very new to real estate investing but it has always been what I have wanted to do. I am from Jackson, Mississippi and am looking to make connections with people locally and long distance. I am also wanting to make wholesaling my primary focus as of now and I look forward to learning from each of you and I hope that I can make lasting business relationships throughout time. I look forward to growing with each of you and hearing about your experiences.

Hello William and welcome to Bigger Pockets ... You mentioned wholesaling do you mean wholesaling property or mortgage notes? ... Have you ever looked into the mortgage note business?.. What do you do for a living in Jackson?

Welcome to bigger pockets. I think you're going to regret not joining sooner like me :-)

thanks Patrick well hopefully you can get me up to speed!

Welcome to BP William. You couldn't have joined a better site to learn about RE investing. I'm from Mississippi as well, 35 miles south of Jackson. 

@William McGuire I was good speaking with you you already know BP is a tremendous resource.  Let me know if I can help you with the Jackson area.

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