Looking to Hire a VA to increase my Marketing Campaign..

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Anyone with experience doing this have any pointers in what to look for/ a fair pay rate?

I'm looking for someone who can Answer the phone 24/7 & maybe track leads, schedule showing of potential properties and tracking leads for me.

Talking to sellers is the thing I seem to be dragging my feet with the most..unless I know they're motivated then it seems easier to get details.

Any help is appreciated.


Talking to sellers is all this business is about.

Rather than outsource it, I'd do whatever it takes to master selling & negotiation skills yourself.

@Cass R. Smith - How long have you been investing in Real Estate? What marketing strategies have been working for you? Are you using online or offline tactics?

@Dev Horn - I've been checking out your website.  Would love to talk with you about the WeBuyHouses model.

@Dev Horn  I came to the conclusion shortly after the post.  I dusted off Eat That Frog and read How to Win Friends and Influence People again over the weekend.  I'm make call everyone today and do at least an hour of calling a day until its second nature.  Thanks  

@Ralph Richardson  Not very long about 3-4 months on a steady basis.   I put out the normal bandit signs and have received some leads but I've have the best response with driving for dollars...its also helps that my city has about 1800 vacant properties so a bulk of my time goes to yellow letters.  I was able to get the list from the assessment office.  

Vanetworking.com would be the best site for you to get the person you are looking for. Post the question there and you will get the preferred and required answer.

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