What should I do with this Vacant List?

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Hey BP.

So I have a list of 155 vacant properties that I found myself from "driving for dollars". I have already went to the city and got the home owners names for who owns them. Out of that 155 only 50 or so came back with updated addresses of where they moved to and currently live. I'm on a limited budget so I was thinking mailing to those 50 or so & that would fit my budget and cold calling the rest as well as leaving door notes saying I wanna buy their house. Any response and critique to my strategy would be awesome.
Thank you
-Felix Wisniewski

it sounds good. thats an average of 30% of a list that appeals to you. are you sure you have really checked these place out well? usually, on any list, you'd be lucky to find 20% that appeals to you. one thing you did not list was finding these people on whitepages.com and calling. you did mention cold calling. i would call as many as possible. basically, you will make contact with probably less than 10%. it still sounds like you are on the right track, keep going and good luck

I maintain a list like that, I mail to them every month. I'm constantly adding and subtracting from the list but I always mail to it every month.

@DickRosen Should I mail to vacant houses? or Just cold call them with a skip tracer? I feel mailing would ideally be better but if no ones lives there no one will see the mail.

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