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Hey Everyone! So I have been wanting to introduce myself for awhile on here, which I will more at length soon, but I have an emergency. 

I have a seller that is willing to sign a contract with me tonight to wholesale his property and I want to do a double close when I do sell it. Wondering what is the best contract for this? In Wisconsin, we have a "WB-11" form which is just a general offer to purchase form. Does anyone know the best forms for a double close? 

Thank you!!

While I cannot speak for Wisconsin in particular, I'd call your preferred title company and make sure they are aware of what you're trying to do. they may want the purchase and sales to "read" a certain way, or they may require an assignment of contract along with the P&S.

you want to deal with a wholesaler friendly title co.  getting one that isn't can kill things...

my 2 cents

Hey Javonni,

If you want to cover all of the bases and make sure it's done right. The best thing to do is to touch base with a local investor/wholesaler. Go to you local REIA and you will find your answer.

Why do you want to do a double close?  Why not just do an assignment of contract?  It's much simpler and cheaper.

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