Advertising a property under contract in craigslist

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Once I get a property under contract to what extent am I allowed to advertise the property on craigslist, for instance?

Speaking with a wholesaler friend of mine, she recommends the emphasis that I would be selling the contract and not the property.

What do you all think?

HI Patrick,

From my point of view I've advertised a lot of properties for sale on Craigslist.  If you have a signed agreement you have interest in the property and therefore you can feel comfortable advertising the house for sale. 

A point can be made that you are selling a contract vs a house.  But it might just come down to 6 of one, a half dozen of the other.................just sayin

That's very helpful Roland, thank you.   I just don't want the department of financial institutions or the Department of licensing coming after me saying I was trying to sell a home that I did not own. But I have been crystal clear that I have the property under contract and mean to assign it.

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