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Hi everyone,

I'm in So Cal. I have been working with 2 Agents who are bringing me off market properties. At first, my configuring was wrong so investors were not accepting my deals, too high. A kind investor directed me to here, biggerpockets. I read up, re-learned and now my configurations are spot on based on what I've learned. But now sellers are refusing my offers, saying they are way too low. Is there a happy, successful medium?? I know there are successful wholesalers in So Cal. I really want this



@Nicole Diaz  2 Ideas:

1. Find a local wholesaler from a REIA group, calling craigslist we buy houses ads, etc. Buy them lunch or dinner and bring a few of your deals to them to review the numbers and make sure your offers were fair.

2.  You need to make MORE offers - it is a numbers game...keep making offers, and follow-up on old offers until the house sells, you don't know when someone's situation is going to change. 

You are right, people are doing it, and getting great deals, but they have found ways to find motivated sellers and show them how their price is fair even when it may seem absurd to the normal person.  Listen to Michael Quarles on BP Podcast 71 for a great lesson on negotiating.  Then listen to him on Podcast 81 to learn about direct marketing - those two podcasts could change your business.

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