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Hi again everyone! This is kind of a repeat question, but I'm looking for some more help. What are some good sources for finding FSBOs to call? I live in Fitchburg MA and I am looking to call about 80 FSBOs a week with my script. I have checked all the well known sources (i.e., local newspapers, craigslist, etc.) but it seems that there isn't a lot of turnover with those sources. In other words, when I log on, it seems to be almost all the same houses week after week. Also, it seems that to get a good pool numbers to call, I have to do a large radius from my hometown - sometimes even 50 miles. Anyone have any ideas of where to find a decent source of new FSBOs?

You could look on the MLS at active or expired listings and call the owner of each property directly rather than talking to the listing agent

Zillow also differentiates FSBO. For example I had this property listed last year and it shows it was listed by the owner.

Oh yeah, I never thought of the MLS. Now considering I have my real estate license, do you think it would be ethical to talk to the owners directly? I assume it would be, because the listing is expired and also because I would be a principal in the transaction. Does that sound about right?

Sort of. You are not supposed to contact a FSBO to solicit their business, but you are not acting as an agent, you are looking to buy a house. I'd be clear and identify yourself as a real estate agent, but that said, you can tell them you'd like to make an offer on their property.

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