Gathering information from the Assessor's office

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I'm working on developing a cash buyer's list in my area. Recently I found a website that gives me the name of the people who bought properties using cash. I was wondering if there's any way I can find the mail address of these cash buyers? I was thinking maybe the assesor's office has this information. Has anyone done this before? 

Thanks in advance. 

@Daniel M.  Most people focus on trying to find deals that make sense first then the cash buyers come to you when you market them properly! 

Honestly although cash is great it is a lot of investors I know that mostly use a HML to finance their deals or at least to purchase then use cash to rehab. So I would not eliminate them from your search to find buyers.

More on topic though the assessors office can get you addresses depending on where you are. I have found much success finding people's addresses (buyers and sellers) and even phone numbers by just googling them. Whitepages can give you good results as well as other sites, you just have to get good navigating them and manipulating the sites to not get stuck paying for results. 

Also I use the assessors site to find buyers that are actively buying properties. Once you see that a property was bought and sold within a few months to a year just go on the assessors site and look at who bought it. Then research even more to get there number and give them a call. @Troy Cole is right though you are better off focusing most of your energy to finding deals because that will be the hardest and longest part. Once you find a good deal the buyers will run to it. You could just post it on Craigslist and most likely get it sold. Sorry for being a little long winded but if you just keep networking and going to your local REI groups you will find good buyers.

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