Wholesalers in Michigan?

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Good morning BP,

My wife and I are looking, scrounging really, for our first deal in Lansing, Michigan (or surrounding).  I'm putting out the call for any wholesalers in that area that may have a deal or two to unload.  We're investing from a distance here at DC so it's difficult without boots on ground.  You are all great, thanks!

Have you considered a Realtor? ;)

@Bill Gulley  

  Thank you for your somewhat satirical response.  I'm working with three but since I'm out of state they don't spend a lot their focus with me. I just wanted another inlet of potential deals at my exposure.  We've made a couple of offers on some duplexs but haven't broken into the market yet.  The first turn of the flywheel is hardest.  Thanks again! 

Well, if I were dealing outside my area, I'd spend some time selecting a good Realtor, one I could work with well and who could deliver, then work exclusively under a buyer's agent agreement. They have little incentive to work hard without knowing the possibilities of future business activities. Working with several usually doesn't work well, they know they are just birddogs, they may pass along what falls out, but they won't go dig for deals that just meets your expectations.

You might consider some more team building in that area, boots on the ground. Good luck :)

Go to the craigslist page for Lansing


well that was easy

Hi @Joseph Blauwiekel   - first, I think you're smart to invest in Michigan - it's a good place to work.  (:

Secondly, I'll send you a private message with some folks that work around this area as wholesalers.

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