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I am brand new to wholesaling.  My question: If I am looking to target probate and absentee lists, should I connect with investors and network with them first so that I have investors ready to buy once the leads start coming in? Also, please feel free to all elaborate on this process as it relates to your first days getting started.

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Edward Mitchell

@Edward Mitchell  welcome

that is the age old question in this biz 

some say if you have a true deal you will easily be able to sell it 

some say it is better to have a buyers list to market to 

i have found in my market if you have a true deal you will find buyers 

good luck investing 

you are on a great website to ask questions and learn

I think "If you build it, they will come". In other words, I think you start with the deal. The very good deal. Start by offering thin deals, and you may have a short career.

Thanks Mark and Joseph. I guess what I am saying is that I am grasping a general idea of marketing to get leads for motivated sellers, however, whats the most ideal place to market to or just to find buyers?

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