What to include about a lead in CRM?

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I am configuring podio right now and need to figure out what to put for a lead. I only have name, phone number, property address, type of lead (probate, absentee etc.), strength of lead (warm or cold). That's it. What else should I put?

Try to get there email address if possible.  

Tax mailing address..  (where they live or where there tax bills go) 

Tons of info on the properties -  Bed, bath, rent rate, garage, work needed, etc etc..  

Just a few ideas..   

@Ryan Mullin  The "AT" tag has been giving me fits lately as well. I get some weird responses from the UI.

My podio setup is a little more like a database. I keep properties in one app, attorneys in another, and leads in a third. I also have my leads segregated into Probate, FSBO, referral, etc.

I determine a "key" field for each type that allows me to quickly weed out repeats. For example, the probate always come with a case number, so that is a field I reference. If that reference comes up as part of the search, I know I can stop typing because I already completed that lead.

I'm not sure podio is going to work for my lead capture, but I'll start off using it. 

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