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I have a motivated seller with a houses she is trying to get sold.

Here is the info He mother passed and the Father whats out of the house. Do not want any money. House in nice Middle income neighborhood. House is a 3/3 1664 sqft - houses in area averaging $120 per sqft. Zillow has it valued at $117,000 my Cody Sperber Analyzer according to the square footage and area factors has it at $127,000. 
There is a $80k mortgage on house and 1 years back payments (&17,000) because bank told them to stop paying while they put them in a program.
House vacant for 1 year
Built 1986
Roof 5 years old
Termite paperwork 2012
Bank Wells Fargo
She has kept the house up and says no work needed but I estimate $6,000 anyway for repairs
Rent average between $1106-$1200 in area
House in McDonough Ga. Which is a suburb of Atlanta Ga.
Value increased by $3,156 in last 30 days.

House expected to increase by 11% to $130,000 in 1 year

Option 1: Approach it as a cashflow investment for a buy and hold buyer.

Option 2: Wholesale for $80k plus $17k, $97k plus $6,000 repairs and $6k assignment fee. $109,000

What would you suggest?

You can't wholesale it for $109 when it's only worth at your "$127K"

You would have to sell it at $76,900 to the end buyer.

Buy & Hold is a better option for this.

Given the avg rent is $1153/month

Gross $13,836/year

50% expense or 40%, but to make things simple i'll use 50%

NOI $6918

estimation of $500 for mortgage (im guess mortgage is escrowing for tax)

$6418 cash flow a year

give or take...maybe another member can give more insight.

Hi Simon

So the potential investor would use his superior credit to refinance the difference between the $76,900 and the $97k ($80k plus $17k back payments) into a new loan and cash flow from there? Is this the scenario?

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