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I found out that I can get my county probate list online which is great but how do I read it? How do I move forward with it? it doesn't give address...

Israel, I don't what information is displayed.  But if you have the Deceased name and the contact information of the Executor/Administrator then you have a very good start.  Your county website should state if the Deceased owned real estate.  If so, mail a letter to the Executor/Administrator.

That's what I expected to see an address I have seen some notes but none of the files have addresses. Maybe I just haven't looked long enough. I'll keep checking it out, thanks for your response!!! 

The online info is not designed for your benefit but for parties to the cases. 

If you want to work court records, you'll either need to haunt the courthouse archives onsite or pay a researcher or pay a commercial services provider to render court records data in Excel or other useable format.

I may be wrong, however Dave M rarely posts about probate without plugging a particular commercial list provider, which leads me to believe he somehow benefits without disclosing the relationship. Maybe that's the way to go.

If it were easy, everyone would be doing it!

Most people will give up within two weeks max and find the next shiny object to follow. 

Rick - great post brotha!!!

Great advice Rick! Thank you.

I am at the courthouse everyday building my list have been for months it's long and only could get ten a day, now the court knows me and helps me with more. Went after my first solid lead Saturday with an offer in.

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