Cash Buyer Hotspots PG County, MD

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I'm new to the field of REI. I'm interested in building a knowledge base of cash buyers in the PG County, Md area. What are some hot spots, good criteria, best price ranges via pg county zips etc. ?

Whadup @Chavez Bowman ! I see that your local to the Prince Georges area in MD, same as me. Im new to REI as well and I'm just letting you know about the real estate investor clubs which is a gathering of all investors in the area; newbies and veterans in one place. If you google "DCREIA" the website should come up as the first result.

Plan on attending the meetings, I'm attending one next month to network with veteran investors to learn a thing or two. 

Maybe our paths will cross later, good luck bro. 

Thanks @Christopher Gray, so far I've networked with the Baltimore reia club and Wine down Wednesdays at Brick house title company in silver spring, md. I'm learning as much as I can. PROVERBS 15:22

Hopefully our paths do cross, look me up on Facebook in the meantime.

Keep in touch and good luck to you too. 

Yes a Reia can be a great place to go but personally I would recommend getting creative in the thought process of where cash buyers shop for homes. Link up with some local wholesalers and work for them for a while also cash buyers typically hangout at auctions go and pass out a few business cards while there.

Thanks for the tips Tyrone that information is golden.

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Hi @Chavez Bowman ,

I guess I am a year behind you. I am new to REI and I wanted to see if you were still investing? I am also in the Prince Georges County area

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