Pricing wholesales?

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I've successfully closed one and have another assignment in escrow currently. Both wholesale deals. I'm on a few other wholesale buyers lists and network with only one actively at the moment. I've been watching their listings to check their marketing prices vs the 70% rule and found that they run around 75-80% on average. Thus the two that I've marketed have been around the 75% mark after repairs and sold around 72%.
I'm happy to continue in this fashion however, my "buyers" list has been inactive. About half open the emails and about 10% open them several times. Do you think I should be pricing these lower? I know it's only two deals so far but the first one sold in 24hrs. The second sold in 5 days.
Give me your 2¢
I'm in Tulsa, OK

@Jason Douthitt how are you selling your homes? If you have a cash buyer list just send then the address and put a lock box on the home(s) have you cash buyers go inspect the home and make you an offer. I like that method cause sometimes they offer more than I was planning on charging

Not sure I understand correctly.  When SELLING your contracts, of course it's good if you can get better than 70% from your buyer.  It's only when you are first making Offers to Seller/s to get a property under contract in the first place that you need to ensure that there is still something in it for you if you have to on-sell it for no more than 70%.  Am I missing something? (Not sure about your suggestion about "pricing these lower" - people can always try to negotiate downwards, but, if you have already set the price down, who is going to negotiate upwards?). Cheers...

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