Continuing Wholesaling While Living Outside the US

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I'm a part time wholesaler that has recently relocated to outside of the US.  I'd like to continue wholesaling in the market I was doing deals in,"virtually", I guess you could say but I am trying to determine the best system to set up in order to be effective.  

I know there are a lot of courses out there in regards to virtual wholesaling but I'd like to hear from anyone currently wholesaling from outside of the US or wholesaling in an area far from where they live.  I know most of what I'd be doing will be similar as to when I was physically in my market but I do have a few concerns.

My biggest concerns are sellers being wary of working with someone from outside the US ( I'm sure some sellers will ask where I'm located) and not having "boots on the ground" to look at properties for me, as I currently do not have a partner nor know anyone I trust to look at properties for me.  I know I could estimate rehab cost from information the seller gives me and pictures, but I have yet to try that.

Any advice on best phone systems to use would be appreciated.  I currently use Ring Central which allows me to get a local and 1800 number using voip so I don't have to pay for international calls but I'm not happy with their service.  I'm also hoping to get advice as to getting accurate rehab estimates, protecting my contract from buyers going around me and anything else anyone with experience thinks is pertinent.  Thank you in advance!  

If the account is closed......why is this party allowed to ask a question on this forum?

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