Got my first call!

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Hey guys just received my first call on my marketing campaign which was an awesome feeling. I have a motivated seller with an unmotivated price he is willing to part with the property. He wants retail for a home that compass around 40k. What would be your recommendation for my next steps. As time goes by I will learn better how to tell if a property is a deal or not.

Congrats on your first lead.  It is very exciting, I know, but try to keep in mind that it is your first lead and you will need 20-30 leads to get an actual deal.  Don't try to force a deal with an unmotivated seller, it will not work out well the majority of the time.  With that said, you can do these things; 1) make an offer at where you need to be!  Give them your reasoning and justification for that offer and show them your data.  2) if they don't accept that offer, offer to help find a buyer for the deal at no cost to them (i.e. sign an option agreement for the property - then go find a buyer) 3) If they don't go for either and they have time to wait and the property is in good shape, offer to send over your favorite realtor that will help them get the most bang for the buck and arrange a referral fee or a marketing fee from the realtor and 4) put the seller on a follow up campaign and make sure you stay in front of them every 30-45 days for the next 12 months.  Good Luck.

I agree with David's post! Also when you meet with the seller, make sure you establish a relationship of trust. People buy and sell properties with people they like and trust to do business with. Its not always just a number's game. Continue to follow up with the seller until the property is sold.

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