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Hi, my name is Giacinto, and I'm from Boise, Idaho. I have been researching and studying real estate investing for about 7 months. I am planning on starting a business that focuses mainly on wholesaling real estate. I plan to do maybe one deal a month, because I am also a full time student at the moment. Boise is a great market to wholesale and BP has given me a lot of great tips and advice. If you have any advice or opinions on wholesaling real estate, I would really appreciate it. Thank you 

@Giacinto L. - Welcome from Boise!  Sounds like you are getting an early start! That is really cool.  

I'd encourage you to join us at an upcoming RE educating and networking meeting with the Boise Investor Group, and or come to our next BP style meet up (held each quarter).  

Glad that you found BP!  


@Giacinto L. What do you REALLY need? My guess is you already had this plan months ago, but something is holding you back?

By making your question general, you risk it being TOO general. My next guess is you don't have a Buyers List yet, or a useful Lender who has promised to lend you enough to buy property yourself if you can't find a Buyer?

Whereas, you probably HAVE got a current list of properties for sale that you like, but are afraid to approach the Sellers directly?

If you want answers, you should also be prepared to SHARE your thought processes and misgivings, like in the multiple "Wholesaling newbie" threads that you must have already read, and please include the math that you have used to calculate why your preferred properties should be a "great deal". 

Practice your sales pitch here on this thread. A good start. All the best...

Welcome @Giacinto L. .  There is a lot happening here in Boise.  Get/ Stay connected in the physical and virtual sense.  BP is a an excellent tool.

@Giacinto L. , welcome!

I'm new to Boise and BP and can attest that both are very welcoming.  I agree with other posters, don't be a stranger at meet-ups and events.  Looking forward to meeting you soon.

Cheers / Kyle

Thank you guys for the advice and warm welcome, I really appreciate it!

Like many have said before if you are really wanting to get started then start out by going to a local REIA meeting and talking to people from the groups. Wholesaling may sound simple but you will be whacked with the reality stick quick when you find out that it takes a lot of marketing and time to call back home owners, drive neighborhoods, send out letters, put out signs, etc. Its a great way to get started and learn the REI business so you can grow from there if that's what you are looking for. But if you are looking for something part-time then look at being a bird dog for a wholesaler or investor, you'll make less per deal but it will allow you to learn from that investor you are working for.

One thing that I am a true believer in is giving to the community. Go to your REIA or meetups and see where others may be lacking in their business then see how you can fill that gap. By offering your help to others it shows that you are serious but it also lets them know who you are and in exchange they will (for the most part) offer to help you too. We all have talents in certain places, even though we are talking real estate your talents in other places can help as well.

Good luck

Hi, thank you I appreciate it!

Work hard at marketing, dont be scared to answer your phone, and build good relationships with your clients! GO BIG AND DONT HOLD BACK!!!

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