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Hi Investors/Professionals,

For Houston, Harris county, does anyone have advice how to obtain lists of out of state owners? evictions?...this sort of thing.  I'm brand new to this.  I'm aware of ListSource and Freedomsoft, but I wanted to try and obtain info. on my own first to get an idea of how things really work.  

Is the public information as far as anyone knows for Harris county Texas?

Thank you very much,

new investor

Anthony Varner

After a trip to the Harris County real property records division, I found that external sources have, in some cases, better and more comprehensive tools than even the county has at their disposal.  Accepting that searches like this will almost always be one that I outsource in the future, I will try our Real Acquisitions and report back.

@Sohrab Khosravi ,  Thank you for this tip.  


I subscribed to Real Acquisitions and it was immediately helpful.

Using its title and 'motivation %' searches, I have a better idea of how motivated the seller is on a property as I prepare to make an offer.

As I am working with a realtor on this effort, I was also able to compare the realtor's comps to those produced by RA.  That, too, was very good to have as I consider multiple rehabbing options (and at sales and rental potential for both).

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