Hiring a VA to screen motivated sellers

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Greetings BP Fam,

I am considering growing my business. Increasing my marketing efforts will result in the need for more everything but I will really need help screening callers. Furthermore, it is something that I would like to delegate anyway. Have any fellow wholesalers used a VA to answer phones and/or follow up with leads, make offers, analyze deals, etc? If so, what was your experience? What is a reasonable price to pay a VA for such services? Do you provide the VA with training material?

I have used VA's to do online research. The experience was painless and I feel like I received value for my investment. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


E. Harris

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virtual assistant


Hi Eric, if you still need assistance with the matter, please feel free to PM me. 

Happy Holidays!

This is not an endorsement as I haven't used this personally, but I've heard good things from those who used Upwork and hired VAs from the Philippines, as you can find those who speak perfect english.

The tips I was given was to really screen out those who are detail-oriented and can follow a script really well. You don't necessarily want a "creative thinker" as much as you want a "robot" who will do the exact steps you outline for them. The main reason being that if you need to replace them it will be much easier if you build a system instead of relying on someone's specific talents.

As for rates, I've heard they generally run $4-8 per hour, which is apparently a good wage in the Philippines, and of course you could offer bonuses and commissions to sweeten the deal for them.

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