Letters not working for me

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I'm mailing letters to my vacant home list and post cards to my absentee owner list. My letters are getting no response but my post cards are getting a response. Should I keep switching them up or continue using the one with highest response. 

@Marcus Mccluster

Great question that I am sure many investors doing direct marketing asks themselves all the time!

First: How many have you sent out and how frequently?  Short and simple answer is that if you only sent 100, then its not a big enough sample size, but then again, if you sent 500...then you should probably re-evaluate either your list or your letter. 

Second: Does your letter look like junk mail that people would just throw away without opening?  Plus vacant homes can sometimes be a challenge to get the mail to the right place, so it can also be dependent on the quality of your list.

I have been doing direct mailers for some time now, i mainly use letters, but they have been refined over the years and we get great responses. I would re-evaluate what you are sending and/or start sending postcards to the same list you were sending your letters to.  The key is to make minor changes and track what works and what doesnt, this is very important in the long run.

Keep up the activity and read the great deal of blogs on direct marketing here on BP, there is a lot of information here that can help.

my problem with letters is you have to have some kind of gimmick to get them to open up. I've been bulky or colorful or something like that. What a postcard you'll have to open it and just look at it and see exactly what I have to offer. I want to buy your house at this address they see their name. No opening. Use the higher response. So for your business do you want leads coming in a lot or not at all? Decide which one you want and use the strategy that gets the response you want.

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