Real Estate Wholesaling

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Hi I have been on Bigger Pockets for a couple of months but I have sat quietly in the background and listened and learned. I have listened to the podcasts, webinars and posts. I am a newbie to real estate investing and I want to be the best I can be at it. I want to start off with wholesaling even though it seems to get a bad wrap in some posts. I want to be one of those who gives wholesaling a good name by doing my due diligence and by giving true and honest information and discounts on my properties. I hope I will be one of the wholesalers who will be the go to person because people know I'm honest and true. I also would like to thank Bigger Pockets for all of the great information, education and support.🏡🏤 Now it's time to TAKE ACTION!!!!


@Sandra Jordan

I love Sandra! Wholesalers do tend to have a bad image due to the fact that some people believe they do not add value to a deal. I couldn't disagree more and believe a good wholesaler is worth his or her weight in gold. If you can help sellers sell there property when they can't sell it a traditional way then I say you are providing a great service. 

Bottom line is if you can get good at wholesaling and marketing then the possibilities are endless for your REI career.