Having trouble getting probate records

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  1. Is there anyone in the Las Vegas area that knows how to obtain these records?
  2. I went down to the court house and they told me that I needed a last name or a case number. so I asked if I could get a list of case numbers and they kept giving me the run around sending me to different departments to get them. And no one was able to help me.

Public officials are not in the list biz.

You'll either have to look for the Registry of Actions (or its equivalent) looking at most recent case files and working backward to pull files manually for review; pay someone else to research files for you; or, find a commercial data provider.

I suggest you pull your first 50 files yourself to get the experience and familiarize yourself with the forms, the process, the timeline and the problems as documented. In the records.

Remember that court actions, even though filed, are not the same as documents that are recorded with county recorder. 

I've been to Clark County probate court and it's well run and the staff is generally friendly but DON'T ask for their probate list unless you want to be tagged as a time waster. 

@Rick H. thanks for the advice.  

that's what I was trying to do I went down there to get the case files manually. but they told me I couldn't pull them up unless I had a last name or case number. so I have no idea to pull the leads up without the case number.

@Ronald Perich   hey Ronald is there a site where I can get the addresses of the leads. Or do I have to physically go down to the court house to retrieve them.

@John Adams I'll let you do the homework on this one... (teach a man to fish type of thing)

When I go into an area to market to probates, and the executor isn't listed in the probate record, I look into other ways of finding their address. It might be to look them up in the same place I look up to see if there is property in the estate (hint, hint). Especially useful around property tax time (another hint).

If that doesn't work, then Google or Bing becomes my best friend. Sometimes, you simply shoot craps.

I suggest you look up Sharon Vornholt's blog posts here on BP or check out some of the posts @Rick H. has on the subject. They give you everything you need in their answers.

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