New to RE and planning on starting with wholesaling in TX

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I am in the Houston area. I want to start wholesaling to raise capital so I can do some buy and holds for rentals. Any suggestions or warnings for this?

@Boliver Allmon

BP is full of useful resources such as forums and blogs. Welcome to the Bigger Pockets community-be sure to check out all the awesome BP blogs under “Learn.”

The only thing I suggest is to be honest and upfront with your sellers. Many wholesalers act as if they will be purchasing the property. Instead let your seller know your intentions and how they can benefit from working with you. If you have any questions feel free to PM me.

@Boliver Allmon  First use the search bar and type in wholesaling. I've been listening to all of the podcasts associated with wholesaling and it's pretty informative. It's helping me to formulate a better plan. Next I would say to attend local BP meetups and network. Everyone directs me to do such and I think it's great advice. I'll be attending my first one this month. This may be to far for you, but here's a link just in case.

I plan on purchasing my first investment property, MF, and during that first year wholesaling while gaining experience in real estate. 

I also use the networking tool on here to reach out and find like minded individuals. You can't go wrong here! Good luck and I'm sure you'll find everything that you need here!

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