Strategies on building a Buyers List!

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Good day my fellow investors. I've noticed that building a buyers list is extremely crucial in this business. I would love to hear some strategies from fellow investors on ways to build a solid buyers list.

Local REI group.

Bigger pockets.

Look for cash for houses ads and signs.

Go to a local sheriff sale and when its over ask some of the people who are there (preferably the ones bidding) if they properties for flips, buy and hold etc. and then get their info to be on your list. 

My favorite way. Find a deal get it locked up and advertise it, the buyers will come to you when you have the deal. 

If you have access to the MLS you can search for cash sales, you can also buy a list for non occupied purchases in your area and select for the last 6 or 9 months. They won't necessarily all be cash buyers but they will most likely be investor buyers.

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