How exactly do I close now that I have a contract?

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Originally posted by Carolina NA:

@PARISH BENOIT Congrats! Good that you went with the 10K.  So I take it you just did an assignment?

 While discussing this deal with my title agent yesterday I had concluded an assignment would be the route to go but once I got home and really thought about it I have asked her this morning to show me the numbers doing a double close. I have a really hot buyer who wants more houses. I did not allow negotiations on the price I sold it to him. If he knows then the next deal he will know he can negotiate.

Originally posted by @Wayne Brooks :

Have you done any kind of preliminary title search yet?  Distressed sellers have a habit of forgetting about mortgages, liens, judgments, their ex wife is still on title, etc.

 What preliminary work do you do? My title agent has started title work today.