Ok I never realized how often I am asked for a copy of my purchase agreement and assignment that I use until a couple days ago. I had a fellow BP member ask me for a copy, so I went and did an email search to see if I sent a template out recently. When I did that OMG!!! There were pages of emails that I have had over the years asking for the same papers! I just never realized how many I sent out and how many I MISSED, LOL.

Anyhow. my point is, there is not a "magic paper" that makes a deal. Although I do have a template that I start out with, I put stuff in there and remove stuff to customize it to every deal. So if there is a "GURU" out there that has a one size fits all.... I need to see it!

My attorney and I often say giving someone paperwork is like giving a kid a loaded gun. However, It is not my job to filter what I give out on here, It is my job to share like everyone else does. 

So if you would like a copy of my boiler plate templates for a purchase agreement and an assignment of contract, PM me and I will be happy to share.

In the meantime, I need to educate myself on BP so I can put together a video to share on going over the ins and outs of customizing agreements.

  So if any BP admins out there wanna point me in the right direction to put the video, I will create it to share. :-)