Dealing with the worst client ever...

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Let me set the stage...

So we get a call from one of our tear off sheets we hung up in a laundromat from..let's call him Mike... We set up an appointment to go check out his house as he says he's motivated to sell and doesn't want to go through a realtor. We get there and his house is like an episode of Hoarders (jackpot!). Long story short we get comps, and give Mike an offer in writing. Says he's never seen contracts like this before and we go back and forth with him for the next week or so explaining to him what our intention is with wholesaling his house....He still does not get it. We spoke to him yesterday and explained "we have multiple buyers ready to come look at the place but we legally cannot show them your house without first getting it under contract." He is being so stubborn and his comeback is "well why don't you write up a contract with them." We know we can get this house under contract for a great deal so that's why we're still going back and forth with this guy.. 

Has anybody dealt with a situation like this before? Advice would be highly appreciated as we are so close to a deal we can taste it!

Have you guys agreed on a price? If so, why don't you just write the offer like you always would, with the "I or assigned" language in there. He doesn't need to understand everything about wholesaling. Just paint the picture for him that at the end of the day, he will be walking away with $XXX,XXX in his pocket.

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