How often to follow up with cold leads

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We are in the process of developing our systems and becoming more efficient with following up with callers. Our plan is to follow up with every caller, even if they are a cold lead. How often should you be following up with cold leads? I'm assuming every week is too often, but not sure if it should be done monthly or even less frequently than that. Any advice from the experienced investors out there would be appreciated. 

I always ask the seller if they mind if I call them monthly to see where they are with their property

Good luck @Cornelius Charles

Cornelius, the follow up is dependent on the content of the message.  If you are just reaching out to determine if the house is still on the market then I agree with Mark in following the Lead's preference.  If on the other hand your contact includes vital information about the market, or financing or anything that either educates the possible client in being better prepared for the process then you can follow up more frequently.  The 'value' is in the message. For example " Research shows that it takes an average of 65 days for a property to sell in _________ market.  And that after 70 days most houses sell for xx% less than the original asking price.  We specialize in ( getting things done fast, or getting things done at the best price)  this could mean thousands of dollars in your pocket......."

Hope this helps.  We're big believers that informed clients are decisive clients.

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