Mass Emails- To use or Not?

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My wife and I started Solid Rock Houses a year and a half ago. We literally started from nothing and we are starting to do some deals. We have worked really hard to get to the point where we are not only finding the deals but we are learning to find our own buyers- yay! 

My question goes out to anyone who has ever been on a mass email list and to those who still choose to send out the same email to everyone. It is my personal opinion that real cash buyers do not like to get a mass email sent to them. They are very unique people- just like the rest of us. They may even want to talk about what big events may be going on in their lives. 

Real estate has been, for me, a very personal experience that I get to share with others. I mean, that is what makes real estate so amazing. Being able to talk about business for one minute and then jump over to talking about something personal going on in someone's life that I am talking to the other minute. We are very simple creatures (in my opinion) because we all want someone to listen to us. Which is why I am writing on a forum! Lol! 

I do see the need for a big wholesale company to send out their ten or fifteen deals to their buyer's list via mass email or using "bcc". Is this really the way we should handle this? I really think this is not very personal, and this really gets a lot criticism among some of my peers. So, do we use a mass email out of necessity or do we take the extra time to send out a personal email.

Vote #1 - For "No" Mass Email Campaigns and spend more time developing relationships

Vote #2 -For "Yes" let's make real estate more about the numbers and less about the personal relationships:)

I vote #1 for not sending mass email campaigns and to keep things more personal. What will you vote for?

@Stephen Barton congrats and you have a great mentor. I expect to be called from those I buy the most from, and I get kinda pissed if I get an email and have to call them and be like dude. I now have 2 people who send me a text, call, or short email before they bother putting an email together, saves them time, builds better relationships. At the same time I hate people I have never done a deal with calling me about a "killer" deal that's not in my market, and I have to say if its such a killer deal why are you calling me??

I think you could easily go both directions. It may very well depend on the volume of deals you're doing, and how many people are on your buyers list. It can be really easy to develop a great relationship with 4-5 buyers who you know will most likely buy your deal. That's great if you want to continue to make similar amounts on each deal, seeing as that is what the buyer becomes accustomed to. Of course, there are regular buyers who don't really care what you make.

If you're doing 4-5 deals a month, with a buyers list of 500, then you most likely don't want to be sending personal emails or texts. Of course, you can always give certain people a heads up. However, I wouldn't sell yourself short by only selling to a few people. What if you come across other buyers that are willing to pay more? It's a tough balance and a good question.

#2, but I'd definitely mix in #1 if you have certain buyers that consistently approach you about deals.