Is this a Wholesale or sub-2? Owes $230,000!

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Hi. I wouldn't be posting this if I hadn't already searched for the answer on PB, here's my question.

Got a call from a lead today and he wants to sell his rental property. 5/2 single duplex with 2,214 Sqft. ARV for the area is roughly $340K ($339,333 to be exact). at 90% ARV the value is $305,400 - $15,498 in repairs ($7/sqft) - $10K (my profit) brings it to $279,902. He agreed to sell for $275K and I would sell it to cash buyer at $285K. Average rent for the area is about $2K/month.

With a mortgage still owed on the property of about $230K can I still do a traditional Wholesale deal? Owner already doesn't want to do a Lease option, so that's out of the question. And would a Sub-2 work in this scenario? 

Thanks in advance!

@Nicholas Renshaw

It's not 90%!!!!

70% of ARV, or even 65% of ARV less repair costs less your fee is your formula

If it's worth 340 and he wants 275 and it costs 15  to fix

Look at doing a joint venture with the seller or a cooperative rehab

You bring in 15,000 in private lender money

Figure 10% of value or 34,000 for sales costs

340-34-15-5 for wiggle room -10,000 JV fee

That should get him his 275k and you 10k

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