Favorite Wholesaling Podcast?

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What's your favorite Wholesaling podcast?

Sounds like a good one to check out!

Sean Terry Flip 2 Freedom Podcast is hands down the best specifically on the subject of wholesaling. There are some great standouts on bigger pockets too, but the F2F ones are ALL wholesaling so you've got 100+ 

That was the blueprint for my business....

I'm podcast #67 on here, all about wholesaling too. 

I've never even heard of Flip 2 Freedom, sounds pretty useful though! I'll be sure to check it out tonight.  If it's not BP's podcast, I'm usually listening to business podcasts. I don't know if you listen to a lot of them, but some good ones I listen to is;

-Tim Ferris Show

-Chatting With Champions

- Rich Dad Radio Show

Flip2Freedom for sure. Sean Terry's incredibly useful podcast got me into wholesaling and I'm very grateful I found him. I've joined Sean's academy and found even more great information.

Others I listen to regularly include Justin Williams's "House Flipping HQ", Todd Toback's "No Limits" and Tucker Merrihew's "The Real Dealz."

Show 31 with  @lamarcannon is a great podcast to listen to.

Another one i like is Real Estate Investing Mastery with Joe McCall & Alex. There's some good wholesaling podcast there too.

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