Driving for Dollars Mapping software?

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I've been doing enough Driving for Dollars that it's beginning to be a little difficult to remember whether I've already driven any given neighborhood.  What I wanted to do was get a map book of my county and just highlight the streets I'd already driven.

Y'see, kids, before the rise of cell phones, maps were printed on dead trees. And they didn't talk to you. Usually, the cell phone is easier, but using a highlighter on it makes the screen all yucky and voids the warranty.

So. Does anyone know of a good app that can help me mark off where I've been?



a map of your county might be the best bet. you can also ask around and see if your local association of realtors has an "area map" as they're a lot more detailed. mine folds up nicely too so it doesn't take up much space at all.
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I know a couple apps that will track your dfd journeys. Gps pal, and Mytracks.  Another thing they could help is instead of bringing a pen and paper. Get a voice recorder.  Makes life easier when your on the road.

I use this app on my iPhone. I got it for the exact same reason!

Problem is, the app icon just says Tracker and so I'm having trouble finding the actual title of the app in the app store to tell you what it is.

A buddy of mine uses this app.  I think he pays 19.99 a month but it is amazing.   Tracks all the houses and even pulls the county records for mailing address and exports to a csv format for easy mail merge for your yellow letter campaigns:

The Driving For Dollars App by Driving For Dollars


So I tried this once before and it appears I violated BP rules for self promotion of some sort......Anyway here we go again......My team and I have spent the last 2 years building the Driving For Dollars App and it really is a great new App technology. it removes all the brain numbing work that is associated with creating a custom DFD lists, so that you can create the list and begin marketing to it right away. 

Its available in the Itunes Store and Google play depending on whether you have an Iphone of Android. You can also hear all about it on Episode 88.5 of my own Podcast. For those of you who have built your own DFD marketing lists in the past you will absolutely see the value this App brings to our great business. Also thanks for the mention David Dodge.

If this is something people are still interested in, I do professional mapping.  I have a MS in GIS and can create custom mapbooks for any area. Let me in know if you need help. I make mapbooks for entire cities and counties for clients that do street sweeping and development. 

I used to use mytracks then switched to birddogg (I think it was called) after a while I created an app through my small team that monitors my sites and crm it took like 3 weeks and cost a few grand, worked well had all the features of mytracks mixed with birddog but eventually I just found mailing to everyone with equity in the area worked best and scrubbing the list with the usps vacant house database worked way easier.  No driving etc.   Sure there are a  few that might still slip through but not as much as people would lead you to believe.

Originally posted by @Shawn Crawley:

@Andy Minor So you would create the app for me and I just pay you $20?

 No. I was talking about the maps and mapbook. I can create a poster to show the entire grid like what I posted.