Driving for Dollars Mapping software?

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Marko Rubel
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Originally posted by @Shawn Crawley :

@Andy Minor So you would create the app for me and I just pay you $20?

 No. I was talking about the maps and mapbook. I can create a poster to show the entire grid like what I posted.

Save your money.  Just use Google Maps.

Method #1: Using iPhone (Not sure if this works for Android):

  1. Load up Google Maps and make sure you're logged in your Google account.
  2. Once you found a property you want to mark, press and hold on the location of the property in Google Maps (it'll drop a red pin).
  3. Touch "Dropped Pin" at the bottom.
  4. Look for "Save" and touch it.
  5. Create a "New list" (I named mine "Driving for Dollars").
  6. Once added, notice on the map it marks the property with an icon (it marks mine as a round turquoise colored icon with a white square on the center).
  7. That's it! Now you'll know if you worked the property if you happen to drive in the area again 6+ months from now.

Method #2: Using a browser such as Chrome from a laptop:

  1. Go to http://maps.google.com and make sure you're logged in your Google account.
  2. Top left click on the menu icon (the three horizontal lines).
  3. Click on "Your Places".
  4. Click on "Maps".
  5. At the bottom click on "Create Map".
  6. Top left where it says "Untitled map" rename it to your liking (I named mine "Driving for dollars").
  7. At the search bar type the address of the property you are near by and would like to add.
  8. Click on the green marker (if a box with the address hasn't popped open").
  9. Click on "+ Add to map".
  10. You will see a set of tools at the bottom right of the small open box and edit the location to your liking.
  11. That's it!  You can refer back to this map whenever you like and keep track of all the properties you have seen.

Bonus Tip:

As mentioned here, I used Google Sheets (Google's version of Excel Spreadsheets) for the detailed information of each property found.  I add a column for Target address, Owner, Owner's Mailing address.  I also like to use a "Notes" column and color code the rows for reference to let me know if I did anything such as a mail out or something.

Did I mention...  it's FREE!

Hope this helps.

I am developing an app that launches in 6 weeks called Letter Fly, the app will allow you to save addresses to your data base, send yellow letters, and view pins on the map of houses that you have saved and sent letters. You will b able to sort saved addresses on phone in list mode, or see them on a map. You will be able to do all of this with the click of a button. Additionally, you will be able to log on in a web browser and export your addresses to a CSV file for a mail merger. It's $10 a month to save as many addresses as you want and $1.89 per letter to to send it right from your phone.