Wholesaling in Georgia

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Hey guys I am wholesaling in Jacksonville, FL And had a guy call me about a house in Valdosta, GA.  I have the house under contract and I now have a cash buyer as well.  I haven't done a deal in Georgia yet and i need to know pretty much everything to do!  Do i have to have a real estate attorney there? Its a small purchase of 15K - everything on the title and land is free and clear - seems simple, but I need to know step by step what needs to be done so when the buyer makes a trip from Atlanta I dont look like an idiot not having my Is dotted and my Ts crossed.  Any help is appreciated!

Georgia is an attorney closing state. So find an attorney in that area that can close the property.

Transfer taxes and the like are much cheaper in GA than FL.

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Find a closing attorney who can help you close the deal. Google search the Hawes Law Group, they are amazing! The attorney is Tiffany Hawes 

I appreciate you. Thank You.  

Unfortunately Tiffani let me know they are NOT investor Friendly, They do not do Wholesale Transactions.