Public Records in Bergen County, NJ

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Hi guys, 

I've made two attempts to retrieve public records lists of probate, delinquent tax, code violations, and inheritances from my county (Bergen County, NJ). After been given the run around, i have been told that an actual list of those records are accessible or available at the county (but rather in each individual municipality). 

Is anyone familiar with these public records for Bergen County and how I can efficiently access them? Also, are there national services from where I can purchase such a list? 


Your court clerk's job us to archive case files, not sell lists.

You just did not ask the right question(s),

Here is the stark reality: you will either have to go and pull each case file and individually review the files one by one for useful info, pay a researcher to do the same for you, or find a commercial provider who doesn't rip you off.