WHERE ? Return Address for Direct Mail Campaign...

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I am starting a new Direct Mail Campaign.

Based on the designs I have seen on vistaprint or any other website, there is no return address place on the large postcard. Most of the place is occupied with the printing of marketing material.

Where do you put the return address? Do most people handwrite it or put stickers for it? 

Sorry I am very confused as I did not even see one single real estate marketing postcard which had return address.

Even this lady talks about keeping return mail safe .... but has no return address (1:13 in her video)


PLEASE Advice!!


Definitely want a return address on your postcard.  You need those returns to update your list and to go after vacant properties.  Some of your addresses will not be correct or forwarding address has expired.  I have never used Vista print but every mail house I have ever used has a return address that can be printed on the postcard.  I use GoBig printing and I do handwritten postcards and always include a return address.  I usually don't include my name or company name as part of the return address.